Aunt RedísTM Soakiní Salts

Everyone who knows me knows that I love bubble baths. Ok, it doesnít have to have bubbles at all. Quiet, peaceful time is all I ask for. If it has bubbles or salts added, then all the better. Iíve started this product line with the soakiní salts. Maybe someday the matching bubbles will join.

These make great teacherís gifts, bunko happies, or merely to pamper yourself. The possibilities are endless. And so are the packaging ideas. I can work with you to personalize for just the right occasion.

Photos soonÖ.

Aunt RedísTM

5100 Helene Road        
Memphis, TN  38117


Phone: 901.481.3214


Prices:† Large bag†††† $8.50

Small bag†††† $5.00

(Can do other sizes; prices will vary.)