Aunt Redís Recipes

This is where I post some of my favorite recipes youíre always asking for. (NO, NOT my ďsecretĒ ones!)

This is another reason got started. People are always asking me for a recipe. And since I donít travel around with my 300+ cookbooks in my car, nor do I attempt to memorize even the first recipe, I figured this would be a good place to put them. Now when you call me up needing a recipe, I can say ďJust go to and it will be there.Ē Let me know if Iíve left one out that youíd like and Iíll get it posted.

If thereís a recipe youíd like, but donít have the time or energy to make it yourself, just give me a call. Most items can be purchased thru Aunt RedísTM Products.

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