Aunt RedísTM Nuts

Well, my friends and family have been saying it for years. So now, Iím proving them right. I AM nuts, and I also love making them. This is actually how Aunt RedísTM got started. I made flavored nuts for holiday gifts, and upon presenting them said, ďI make these in small quantities for special people. If you like them, Iíll make more for you.Ē Some friends remembered that presentation, including my sad, handwritten labels. As a special gift for me, they designed what is now the Aunt RedísTM logo (which, by the way, has won an international design contestócongrats Shep and Mike!).  With their encouragement, and othersí, Aunt RedísTM has become a reality.

Honey Almonds

Kickiní Pecans

Rosemary Cashews

Peanut Brittle (available during lower humidity weather only)

Praline Pecans

Hot and Spicy Walnuts


Price: 3-cup bag†††† $8.50

(Can do other sizes; prices will vary.)

Photos soonÖ.

Aunt RedísTM

5100 Helene Road        
Memphis, TN  38117


Phone: 901.481.3214