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Thingscubed or Cubedthings

Since I was almost a math major, I thought Iíd use some of that here. Donít worry, you wonít have to pull out a calculator for any of it!  And maybe my favorite high school math teachers, Mrs. Agnes Puckettóbless her soulóand Mrs. Theresa Floyd, would be proud of me for still using math at least SOMEHOW!

Having an active child keeps you on your toes, thinking of ways to (try to) stay a few steps ahead of him. One of the few ways Iíve found is ďhomemade convenience foods.Ē We make batches of something (examples follow), then freeze the portions in ice cube trays. When frozen, theyíre transferred to ziptop freezer bags. We just take out the portions as needed.

Some of our favorite thingscubed are:

Mashed potatoes

Spaghetti sauce

Fresh lime juice (I freeze one Tablespoon per cube...makes it easy to measure for recipes. Can also do lemon, orange, etc.)

Leftover coffee (can be used with bottled coffee drinks, instead of watering down the drink with regular ice cubes.)